Hi, here’s a little about me.

I am a full-stack developer, currently building/breaking/fixing stuff at HackerRank. I have worked with a lot of technologies and am quite fast in learning new things as well. Currently, I am figuring out backend architecture, design, infra scaling and cloud. I have also tinkered with ML/AI (can get a lot of things working) but am not actively improving myself in those.

I always find myself in situations where I know the most complicated stuff but end up Googling the simplest things (like how to read csv hehe). I can learn new stuff fairly quickly and build amazing things with it! You can find most of my builds on GitHub.

Apart from development, I have a passion for teaching mathematics and computer science which I try to do as much as possible whenever I get a chance. I love to watch lectures and have completed over 10 MOOCs from MIT OpenCourseWare (Thank you, MIT).

I like to read both fiction and non-fiction. Pandemic got me interested in plants and I have been studying more about botany since!


  • Software Development Engineer @ HackerRank - Working with the DevEx team in improving candidate experience and plagiarism/proctoring services.

  • Student at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi pursuing Bachelors in Technology with major Information Technology and minor Systems Biology. (Graduating 2022)

Past Experience


You can connect with me on LinkedIn/Twitter (just DM me, I’ll be happy to chat!) or you can mail me directly!