Hi, here’s a little about me.

I am a software engineer currently working at CERN. I’ve worked on multiple projects and am fast at learning new things. Currently, I am getting better at software architecture, databases and cloud. I have also worked on building production ready ML/AI systems.

I always find myself in situations where I know the most complicated stuff but end up Googling the simplest things (like how to read csv hehe). I can learn new stuff fairly quickly and build amazing things with it! You can find most of my builds on GitHub.

Apart from software, I have an active interest in education. I teach mathematics and computer science as much as possible. I love to watch lectures and am always learning new things.

I like to read, cook and travel. Pandemic spiked my interest in plants, and I have been studying more about botany since!


Past Experience

  • Software Development Engineer @ HackerRank - Worked with the DevEx team in improving candidate experience and plagiarism/proctoring services.

  • Polygon Fellow - Class of 2022

  • SDE Intern @ HackerRank - Working on improving plagiarism detection, analysis and deployment.

  • Helped Maintain DFFML.

  • Google Summer of Code 2020 Mentor @ Python Software Foundation, mentored for DFFML.

  • Did some research work, find out more here.

  • Girlscript Summer of Code 2020 Project Admin for Simulate.

  • Student Developer under Google Summer of Code 2019 with Python Software Foundation. Worked on a project under Intel.

  • Worked as a Research and Development intern at Addmath Research Centre. Solved interesting mathematical problems for kids, with kids.

  • Student at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi - Graduated with Bachelors in Technology with major Information Technology and minor Systems Biology.


You can connect with me on LinkedIn/Twitter (just DM me, I’ll be happy to chat!) or you can mail me directly!

Important Links: https://linktr.ee/yashlamba